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    Cats for adoption (important for new players)


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    Cats for adoption (important for new players) Empty Cats for adoption (important for new players)

    Post  Coppersong on Tue May 10, 2011 11:36 am

    Hi guys. We would appreciate if you read through this thoroughly. All new players are required to (if they are having three cats) adopt two cats from either MoorClan, TreeClan, or LakeClan. Your other cat you can make up. This means you have to pick two cats you did not create to roleplay. Please note that this will only go on until all cats have been adopted, at which point new players will start as a kit and gradually grow older in their clan. Here are the available cats:

    Striked out = Taken


    • Breezetail - Black tom with a white chest and muzzle (Warrior)
    • Buzzardtail - Pale brown tabby tom (Warrior)
    • Webfur - White tom (Elder)
    • Blacktooth - Black tom (Warrior)
    • Hawkflight - Tawny brown tom with blue eyes (Warrior)
    • Heatherspring - Pale brown she-cat with blue eyes (Warrior)
    • Sheepfur - Fluffy white tom (Warrior)
    • Whiskernose- Gray tom (Warrior) Taken by Wildfire


    • Gingersnow - Small ginger and white she-cat (Warrior)
    • Sparrowflight - Brown she-cat with amber eyes (Warrior) Taken by Thrushwing
    • Nettleclaw - Spiky brown tom (Warrior)
    • Swanflower - White she-cat with green eyes (Warrior)
    • Woodstripe - Brown tabby tom with amber eyes (Warrior) Taken by Lightningstorm
    • Troutdapple- Silver dappled she-cat (Warrior) Taken by Icestar
    • Twigpaw - Long legged brown tom (Apprentice)
    • Scarletpaw – White she-cat with dark ginger patches and blue eyes (Apprentice) Taken by Lightningstorm
    • Mottlewish- Mottled brown she-cat with a white belly (Med. Cat Apprentice)
    • Morningfire – Silver tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes (expecting Woodstripe’s kits) (Queen)
    • Barkfall - Brown tom with blind green eyes (Elder)

    And, I do realise there are like 3 or 4 other clans (can't remember off the top of my head, I'm in a hurry), so if you'd like a cat from any of them, just PM me (Coppersong) or Icestar (depending on who owns the cat you would like to have), and will we give you yay or nay.

    These are some other things you may want to know if you plan on having any less than three cats:
    - 2 cats: One cat adopted, one cat made up
    - 1 cat: your choice to adopt or create

    (If you start off with one or two cats, you can adopt or create more whenever you feel, but remember the limit is three unless you have special permission)

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