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    Stonestar and the Rogue


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    Stonestar and the Rogue Empty Stonestar and the Rogue

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    Important cats
    Stonestar- A large pitch black she-cat with small gray spots on her paws and brilliant fern green eyes.

    Lioneyes- A light tan tom with thick dark tan fur around his neck, and deep brown eyes. (Stonestep’s deputy)

    Dawnwhisker- A light tan she-cat with a brown paws, muzzle, and tip of her tail, with blue-gray eyes. (medicat)

    Meadowbliss- A pure white she-cat with pale brown spots and gentle pale green eyes. (medi cat apprentice)
    Rockshade- A sturdy very dark gray tom with grayish blue eyes and a light gray nose. (Panthersoul’s son)

    Panthersoul- A muscular pitch black tom with soulful midnight blue eyes.(Stonestep’s brother)

    (Stonestar’s kits that have been made apprentices)
    Shadepaw- A gray she-cat with dark amber eyes.
    Rainpaw- A blue she-cat with dark blue eyes and shorty, soft fur.
    Cats outside of the Clan- Phoenix- A large reddish brown tom with distinct black stripes , a white belly, and chin. His eyes are a beautiful turquoise. (rogue)

    Dead cats- Lightningstar- A massive dark gray tom with intense golden eyes.

    Stonestar awoke in her large den. Lightningstar…Why did you have to leave me? She thought sadly. Her mate and also former leader had died a few moons ago after a large battle against the rogue group, Rage of the Lion’s Roar. Stonestar remembered the battle with a shiver as she padded out into the main cavern of EarthClan’s camp. Lioneyes, her deputy padded up to her nervously. His tan fur was ruffled and his brown eyes were troubled. “Yes, Lioneyes?” Stonestar mewed, curious as to why her deputy was so uncharacteristically nervous. “Panther soul, Rockshade,Rainpaw, and Shadepaw found a badly injured rogue near the entrance of the forest. Dawnwhisker and Meadowbliss took care of his wounds. I wanted to know what to do with him because he’s awake.” Lioneyes mewed. “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Stonestar asked incredulously. “You stayed up late last night, I thought I’d let you slee-“ “It doesn’t matter, lead me to the rogue.” Stonestar interrupted. Lioneyes nodded and lead his leader into Dawnwhisker’s den.

    Once inside the medicine cat den, Lightningstar saw a large reddish brown tabby tom wrapped in blood soaked cobwebs. “Oh my StarClan! What happened to him?” Stonestar asked after seeing how bloody and dirty the rogue was. “He stinks of RainClan. I’m guessing they fought him into our territory and he dragged himself to the forest.” Lioneyes mewed, resentment for the enemy Clan clear in his voice. “Hmm, that does sound like something RainClan would do. We will care for him until he is healed and well.” Stonestar decided. Right before she stepped out of the medicine cat’s den, the rogue spoke. “Thanks. My name is Phoenix.” He rasped. Phoenix’s voice sent chills down Stonestar’s back. No voice had made her shiver except Lightningstar’s. However, this was different. It was more...natural. Stonestar slowly turned to see the rogue painfully sit up to talk to her. She looked into his striking turquoise eyes and got lost in them. “Um, are you there?” Phoenix asked after a while. “Yes.” Was all that Stonestar managed. What am I, crazy? Why am I staring at him? He’s nothing compared to Lightningstar! Stonestar thought to herself. “I’m guessing you’re Stonestar?” Phoenix mewed. Stonestar nodded, unable to force words out of her mouth. “I’ll be going…I have lots of work to attend to.” Stonestar lied and rushed out of the den.

    That night, Stonestar dreamed of Lightningstar. “Lightningstar! What should I do about this rogue? He makes me feel weird.” She asked . “Get to know him. You are destined to be together.” Lightningstar replied in his calm and deep voice. “I thought I was destined to be with you, Lightningstar.” Stonestar mewed, confused. “You were, but my time with you is now over. It is his turn now. I have to go now. Tell our kits that I love them.” Lightningstar said, licking her forhead and disappearing. Stonestar awoke, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t want to forget you, Lightningstar..” Stonestar murmured.

    Later that night, Stonestar was still awake. I guess I’ll go on a walk since can’t sleep. Stonestar thought to herself. Just as she exited her den, she slammed into a mass of soft reddish brown fur. “Woah, watch out there!” it said. Stonestar looked up to see Phoenix. “Sorry, did I reopen your wounds?” Stonestar asked worriedly. “No. What’re you doing awake so late at night?” Phoenix asked, his turquoise eyes mysterious in the soft moonlight that flooded in from the opening at the top of the cave. “I could ask you the same thing.” Stonestar replied. Phoenix chuckled. “Yeah, but I asked first.” He said. Stonestar sighed and shrugged. “I couldn’t sleep…your turn.” She said quickly, unable to hide her curiosity. “Hmm, well, I couldn’t stop thinking about some cat.” Phoenix mewed in fake deep thought. “Who?” Stonestar asked, not even trying to hide that she was curious anymore. “Oh, she’s gorgeous! Her eyes are like luscious ferns. They give away everything. She has a soft black pelt that resembles a starless night sky and small gray spots on her paws that shine like stars in the sky.” Phoenix mewed casually with a shrug. Stonestar thought for a moment and looked at her paws. “Me?” she guessed hopefully. Why am I hoping it’s me?! She thought, bewildered. “Yes.” Phoenix smiled. “Why?” Stonestar asked, wondering why her thought about her so much that he couldn’t sleep. Phoenix’s smile faded into a serious frown. “I was lead here by a starry bray tom with golden eyes….Lightningstar was it?” he mewed thoughtfully. “He’s sent me dreams of you and said to follow him if I wanted to meet you. He also said that I was destined to meet you.” Phoenix continued. “Then I guess we can’t argue with destiny.” Stonestar smiled and sheepishly licked Phoenix’s cheek. I guess it couldn’t be too bad to fall in love with Phoenix. At least I have Lightningstar’s blessing. Stonestar thought with a shrug.

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