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    DAWN OF A NEW ERA part 1 Empty DAWN OF A NEW ERA part 1

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    Leader: BRAMBLESTAR--- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

    Deputy: SQUIRRELFLIGHT--- dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

    Medicine Cat: JAYFEATHER--- gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes APPRENTICE, SEEDPAW

    Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)
    GRAYSTRIPE--- long-haired gray tabby tom
    DUSTPELT--- dark brown tabby tom
    SANDSTORM--- pale ginger she-cat with green eyes
    BRACKENFUR--- golden brown tabby tom
    CLOUDTAIL--- long-haired white tom with blue eyes
    SORRELTAIL--- tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
    MILLIE--- striped gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    THORNCLAW--- golden brown tabby tom
    SPIDERLEG--- long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly and amber eyes
    BIRCHFALL--- light brown tabby tom
    BERRYNOSE--- cream-colored tom
    HAZELTAIL--- small gray-and-white she-cat APPRENTICE, LILYPAW
    MOUSEWHISKER--- gray-and-white tom
    POPPYFROST--- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
    CINDERHEART--- gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    LIONBLAZE--- golden tabby tom with amber eyes
    FOXLEAP--- reddish tabby tom
    ICECLOUD--- white she-cat
    TOADSTEP--- black-and-white tom
    ROSEPETAL--- dark cream she-cat
    BRIARLIGHT--- dark brown she-cat
    BLOSSOMFALL--- tortoiseshell and white she-cat
    BUMBLESTRIPE--- very pale gray tom with black stripes
    IVYPOOL--- silver-and-white tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes
    CHERRYFERN--- small ginger tabby she-cat
    MOLESTEP--- lithe brown-and-cream tom

    Apprentices: (more than six moons old in training to become warriors)
    SEEDPAW--- very pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes
    LILYPAW--- dark brown tabby she-cat with white patches and green eyes

    Queens: (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
    WHITEWING--- white she-cat with green eyes (mother to Frostkit, a very pale gray tom with green eyes, Sunkit, a pale tabby she-kit with white patches, and Wolfkit, a silver tabby tom)
    BRIGHTHEART--- white she-cat with ginger patches (mother to Dewkit, a dark gray tom with amber eyes, Amberkit, a gray she-kit with white paws and amber eyes, and Snowkit, a white tom with amber eyes)
    DOVEWING--- pale gray she-cat with blue eyes, expecting Bumblestripe’s kits
    DAISY--- cream long-furred she-cat (Laurel

    PURDY--- plump tabby former loner with a gray muzzle

    Leader: BLACKSTAR--- old white tom with one jet-black forepaw

    Deputy: ROWANCLAW--- ginger tom

    Medicine Cat: LITTLECLOUD--- very small tabby tom

    Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)
    OAKFUR--- small brown tom
    TOADFOOT--- black tom
    IVYTAIL--- black, white and tortoiseshell she-cat
    APPLEFUR--- dark brown tom APPRENTICE, CLOVERPAW (tortoiseshell she-cat)
    CROWFROST--- black-and-white tom
    RATSCAR--- brown tom with a long scar across his back
    SNOWBIRD--- pure-white she-cat
    TAWNYPELT--- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
    OLIVENOSE--- tortoiseshell she-cat
    SHREWFOOT--- gray she-cat with black feet
    TIGERHEART--- dark brown tabby tom APPRENTICE, ACORNPAW (gray-and-brown tabby tom)
    FERRETCLAW--- cream-and-gray tom
    STARLINGWING--- ginger tom
    KINKFUR--- tabby she-cat, with long fur that sticks out at all angles
    STOATFUR--- cream furred tom
    PHEASANTFALL--- dark ginger tabby she-cat
    RYESTRIPE--- dark brown tabby tom
    CLOUDCLAW--- fluffy dark gray tom

    Queens: (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
    PINENOSE--- black she-cat (mother to Grasskit, a black tom)
    DAWNPELT--- cream-furred she-cat (mother to Firekit, a red-furred tom, and Juniperkit, a tortoiseshell she-kit)

    TALLPOPPY--- long-legged light brown tabby she-cat
    SNAKETAIL--- dark brown tom with tabby-striped tail
    WHITEWATER--- white she-cat with long fur, blind in one eye

    Leader: ONESTAR--- brown tabby tom

    Deputy: ASHFOOT--- gray she-cat

    Medicine Cat: KESTRELFLIGHT--- mottled gray tom

    Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)
    CROWFEATHER--- dark gray tom
    OWLWHISKER--- light brown tabby tom APPRENTICE, FENNELPAW (pale golden tom)
    WHITETAIL--- small white she-cat APPRENTICE, ECHOPAW (black she-cat with white flecks)
    GORSETAIL--- very pale gray-and-white tom with blue eyes
    WEASELFUR--- ginger tom with white paws
    HARESPRING--- brown-and-white tom
    DEWSPOTS--- spotted gray tabby she-cat
    LEAFTAIL--- dark tabby tom with amber eyes
    WILLOWCLAW--- gray she-cat with amber eyes
    HAYSHADE--- silver tom with amber eyes
    EMBERFOOT--- gray tom with two dark paws APPRENTICE, SAGEPAW (pale leopard-spotted she-cat)
    SWALLOWTAIL--- dark gray she-cat
    WHISKERWIND--- light brown tom
    RIPPLEFEATHER--- black-and-white she-cat
    FURZEHEART--- gray-and-white she-cat with one green and one blue eye
    BOULDERLEAP--- large gray tom

    Queens: (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
    SEDGEWHISKER--- light brown tabby she-cat (mother to Waspkit, a light brown tom, and Sweetkit, an albino she-kit)
    HEATHERTAIL--- light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes, expecting Emberfoot’s kits

    WEBFOOT--- dark gray tabby tom
    TORNEAR--- tabby tom

    Leader: MISTYSTAR--- gray she-cat with blue eyes

    Deputy: REEDWHISKER--- black tom

    Medicine Cat: MOTHWING--- dappled golden she-cat APPRENTICE, WILLOWSHINE (gray tabby she-cat)

    Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)
    ICEWING--- white she-cat with blue eyes
    PEBBLEFOOT--- mottled gray tom with yellow-amber eyes
    OTTERHEART--- dark brown she-cat
    SPLASHFUR--- blue-gray tabby tom with white patches
    RAINSTORM--- mottled gray-blue tom
    SNEEZECLOUD--- pale tabby tom with green eyes
    NETTLEFLIGHT--- dark brown she-cat with green eyes
    COPPERSONG--- dark red she-cat with amber eyes
    MALLOWNOSE--- light brown tabby tom APPRENTICE, DUCKPAW (dark gray tabby she-cat with white patches)
    BEETLEWHISKER--- brown-and-white tabby tom
    DUSKFUR--- brown tabby she-cat
    MOSSPELT--- tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes APPRENTICE, LEOPARDPAW (ginger tom with spotty legs)
    PETALFUR--- gray-and-white she-cat
    SLOEBERRY--- Black she-cat with a white muzzle
    GRASSPELT--- light brown tom with green eyes
    TROUTWISH--- pale gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    MOSSYTAIL--- brown-and-white she-cat
    RUSHWATER--- light brown tabby tom with amber eyes

    Queens: (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
    MINNOWTAIL--- dark gray she-cat, mother to Beechkit, a pale tabby she-cat, and Dashkit, a gray tom

    DAPPLENOSE--- mottled gray she-cat
    MINTFUR--- light gray tabby tom

    BREEZEPELT--- black tom with amber eyes
    TABITHA--- gray tabby kittypet (mother to Hawk, Maple and Nina)
    NIGHTCLOUD--- black she-cat

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    A breeze pushed against the she-cat’s backside, fluffing up her fur as she ushered her kits into the den. “Come on, my sweethearts.” She whispered.
    A skinny dark pelted tom stood shivering behind her, staring at the three fluffy bundles. Which one will be the strongest? He thought, before following his mate into the den. “It stinks of fox in here,” the she-cat complained.
    “Okay, let’s sleep outside, and let our kits freeze to death.” He sneered sarcastically.
    The she-cat flinched, a hurt look in her eyes. She kept quiet, licking her kits to keep them warm.
    Night fell over the moors as the two cats sat in silence, three kits fighting over the she-cat’s teats. “I...” the she-cat began, trailing off. She wanted to tell him, but how could she put it in a way where he wouldn’t get offended? She didn’t like it when he got offended, as he often lashed out at her, scaring both her and the kits.
    He turned his amber gaze toward her. “What?”
    Swallowing her fear, the she-cat met his gaze. “I don’t want my kits to go to the Clans.”
    The tom’s gaze darkened, and he flicked his tail before turning his head to face the entrance to the den. He stared out at his old homeland as he spoke. “But they must.”
    The she-cat sighed. “Why? I am perfectly capable of raising them-” “No you’re not! You’re just a pathetic kittypet, who can’t look after herself in the wild let alone her kits!”
    “But I have you! You’ll help me!”
    The tom swung his regretful gaze toward the she-cat. Why had he ever fallen for a kittypet? It was against the code to- “No.” He mewed to himself. “I don’t follow the code anymore.”
    The she-cat stared at him in dismay. “What are you talking about?”
    “Nothing.” He turned away from her. “Listen to me, Tabitha. Those kits will grow up stronger and better if you let them live the life of a Clan Cat. They will make fine warriors. Besides, I owe it to WindClan.” He mewed, guilt hitting him like a thorn in his heart.
    Tabitha lowered her head. “Can I at least keep one?”
    Her stubbornness made rage itch through his pelt like fleas, but he pushed the feeling away. The tom stood up, shaking his fur out. He had had enough of this nonsense. This she-cat was pathetic. “Just keep them. They’re your kits after all.” He muttered, before turning and bounding away. He couldn’t bear to be this near to his clan, yet at the same time he wanted so badly to go back.
    “Breezepelt wait!” Tabitha called to her mate. But he was gone, back into the forest away from the moor.
    She would have followed him but she couldn’t leave her kits behind.
    Staring at the ground, she felt emptiness open up inside her like the gaping mouth of a cold cave. Tabitha was alone now, Breezepelt wouldn’t come back. I thought I could trust him, she thought to herself. She might as well go back to her two-legs. But would she even make it that far? Was it worth the risk with leaf-bare so near?
    She looked out to the moor. Sniffing, she caught the distant scent of cats- wild cats, like Breezepelt. They weren’t far away. Maybe they’d help her?
    With a little spark of hope lifting her spirits, she curled her kits tighter to her belly and fell into a light, troubled sleep.

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    “Look at them,” Ferretclaw muttered, “they breed like rabbits.” Shrewfoot, a ShadowClan she-cat, looked to where her clanmate was indicating.
    She snorted at the ThunderClan cats. “I thought that was WindClan’s specialty.”
    Starlingwing joined Shrewfoot, brushing against her gray pelt. “Maybe that’s Bramblestar’s plan, grow the ThunderClan population so big that no other clan would dare challenge them... or maybe simply to make it easier for them to challenge us.” Shrewfoot nodded. “I don’t trust that tom. In fact I hardly trust ThunderClan after Firestar, the only sane cat lost his last life.”
    Cherryfern eyed the ShadowClan cats in disgust. So now you respect Firestar?
    It was true, ThunderClan had the biggest clan by far, as Cherryfern looked around it was obvious a large majority of the cats were ThunderClan. And there’s more to come, she thought, thinking about Whitewing’s newborn litter of three and Brightheart’s kits who were now nearly apprentices. I hope not every cat sees it as a threat.
    She felt her brother against her flank, his thin, jutting shoulders showing through his sleek pelt, and his legs being more spindly than a spider’s web. “You should eat more,” she snapped at him.
    Molestep rolled his eyes. “You tell me that every day! And I always answer with the same thing.”
    Cherryfern’s whiskers twitched. “Yes, you eat more than Graystripe in Greenleaf. I know.” She rubbed her cheek against his affectionately.
    His eyes brightened as she drew away. “C’mon, let’s go meet some smelly fishfaces!”
    Cherryfern flicked her tail excitedly. “Okay! I want to know if Leopardpaw and Duckpaw are warriors yet. They’ll be jealous when they see us with our full warrior names!” She mewed, thinking about her rival friends she had made a couple of gatherings earlier.
    She brushed through the dying undergrowth, relaxed as she watched all the clans mingling happily. The great battle has brought the clans together again! She thought. She glanced at Shrewfoot, Starlingwing and Ferretclaw. Well, most of us.
    Molestep prodded Duckpaw, who was mischievously chasing other apprentices’ tails. Duckpaw swished around, her amber eyes gleaming with joy. “Molepaw!”
    “Molestep, I’ll have you know.” Cherryfern mewed, stopping beside him.
    She heard a gasp from behind.
    “You’re warriors now!?” Cherryfern turned to see Leopardpaw, the tall ginger tom’s jaw dropping.
    “Yup! I’m Cherryfern now!”
    Leopardpaw purred. “Doesn’t mean we can’t get up to the usual trouble,” he whispered with a flick of his tail. Cherryfern’s whiskers trembled. “Of course not!”
    The four cats skirted to the edge of the clearing, watching for vulnerable warriors in the shadows. They crouched low, as though stalking prey. Cherryfern spotted her father, Berrynose, who’s cream back was turned on them as he mewed friendlily with Whiskerwind of WindClan and Ratscar of ShadowClan. She flicked her tail to the apprentices and her brother to tell them she had spotted prey.
    Duckpaw stifled a purr. “His tail won’t be easy to catch,” she whispered, remarking Berrynose’s significantly small tail.
    Molestep nudged the tom. “Stupid thing got his tail stuck in a twoleg trap, the mousebrain.”
    Duckpaw batted him playfully. “You can see where that trait’s ended up!”
    Cherryfern ignored him and snuck forward, step by step. She a tail-length away when... “Cherryfern you are no longer a kit.” Cherryfern spun around to face the disapproving face of Brackenfur, her older kin. His muzzle was graying and she could visualise him in the elders’ den with Purdy... and maybe with Graystripe, Sandstorm and Dustpelt too, who were all warriors when the great journey to the lake was made: a tale that she was moons too young to remember.
    She looked at her paws. “Sorry. We were just having fun,”
    Brackenfur’s expression remained the same. “The gathering is about to start. Sit somewhere where you will be easily seen. Bramblestar will announce you as warriors.”
    As Brackenfur turned away, Molestep, Duckpaw and Leopardpaw emerged from the shadows. “What a grumpy old furball. Is he an elder?” Leopardpaw asked.
    Cherryfern rolled her eyes. “He likes taking his time.” she turned to Molestep, “Let’s go sit with Lilypaw. I’ll see you guys around!” Leopardpaw waved his tail. “See ya!”
    The moment they had sat down next to Lilypaw and Cinderheart, Blackstar gave a brittle yowl for the gathering to commence.
    As the clearing quieted, Cherryfern watched Squirrelflight rush to take her place as deputy at the roots of the tree the leaders stood on.
    “Welcome, to the third gathering since the great battle.” Blackstar mewed calmly. “ShadowClan has remained stronger than ever, adding three new warriors to our ranks. Cloudclaw, Pheasantfall, and Ryestripe!”
    Three dark-furred warriors stuck out their chests proudly as the other clans cheered. Those are Crowfrost’s kits, she thought, looking over at the old ShadowClan warrior, looking proud as his graying muzzle purred with joy, and probably his last.
    “ShadowClan have had little faults this past moon, apart from a badger which we chased out pass the twoleg nest and into the forest beyond. I doubt those fleabags will come back after my warriors chased it out, but keep an eye out anyways, Bramblestar.”
    Cherryfern noticed Snowbird and Tawnypelt sitting a little taller than the other cats, content with what their leader had mewed. They must have chased the badger out. She thought.
    Bramblestar nodded warmly to the aging leader. “Thank you, Blackstar.” He moved to the front, facing the clans boldly. She felt a shiver as his powerful amber gaze swept over her. Although he was nothing like his father when it came to morality, there was no mistaking the natural superiority and influence he had over the cats he had inherited. “We also have some new warriors. I am proud to be the leader of the two cats who, with loyalty and courage beyond measure, served all the clans by being messengers in the great battle. Please join me in welcoming Cherryfern and Molestep to our ranks.”
    Although the ovation gave Cherryfern pride, she found herself resisting the urge to duck in embarrassment as many pairs of eyes burned into her fur.
    “A little bit overdone, maybe.” She heard Ryestripe sneer from behind her through the roar of cheering warriors, the loudest coming from ThunderClan and WindClan, who they had run to in the great battle.
    You’re just jealous that your leader didn’t say that about you. She thought with conceit.
    Bramblestar continued as the noise died down. “We have also welcomed three healthy kits into the clans, and they are doing very well with the support of their clanmates. We have had no trouble with prey and have successfully extended all of our dens, to make room for the growing number of cats in the clan.”
    Shrewfoot growled. “He must be planning something!” She muttered. Many ThunderClan eyes turned on her, silencing the she-cat.
    Mistystar stepped forward. “RiverClan has some sad news. Stonestream, one of our elders, has passed away peacefully in his sleep.” There was a moment of silence, while Cherryfern watched as many older warriors dipped their heads in grief. “Other than this, RiverClan is strong, and ready for the coming leaf-bare.”
    She stepped back and let Onestar come forward. His pelt was shivering, and he looked very sick. Was he mad? Did he want to spread the sickness, as well as make himself look weak? He would have looked just as weak if he had not represented his clan, though. She reminded herself.
    He held his head up proudly. “WindClan is strong. Sedgewhisker has given birth to Waspkit and Sweetkit, who will grow to become great warriors. There were three twoleg dogs that had strayed from the farm, which we chased away with little effort.” As he mewed that, Molestep turned his head suspiciously toward Weaselfur, whose pelt was disturbed by a large red wound going from his shoulder to his ribs, yet he stood proud and healthy. Cherryfern couldn’t help but admire the handsome cat’s strength.
    Onestar turned to the other leaders. “Is there anything else you would like to say?” He wheezed.
    The leaders shook their heads, Mistystar’s eyes gleaming with sympathy for the sick leader.
    “Then this gathering is dismissed. Thank you, RiverClan, ShadowClan and ThunderClan.” He leapt down from the tree, landing easily on his feet despite him obviously having a cough of some sort. His medicine cat escorted him as he led his clan with the flick of his tail.
    Cherryfern found herself subconsciously avoiding the tom. She didn’t want to fall sick now! And she especially didn’t want to be in the medicine cats’ den while her brother was on the dawn patrol chasing badgers and hunting squirrels without the constant guidance and commentary of a mentor. She was independent now!
    The other leaders jumped down, and Bramblestar indicated with his tail for the clan to leave, following WindClan. Cherryfern bounded up to Poppyfrost. “I’m very proud of you,” her mother mewed when she saw Cherryfern. The young warrior purred as Poppyfrost rubbed her head against Cherryfern’s flank.
    As they reached their territory, Cherryfern smelt bare-leaf in the breeze which was whispering through the trees.
    Jayfeather brushed against her pelt. Cherryfern hadn’t even noticed the medicine cat until now. “You won’t get sick. Onestar’s just old, and something has taken advantage of that and it has infected his body. You won’t get it, you’re too strong.”
    “Can his medicine cat fix it?” She whispered back with sympathy.
    “Kestrelflight is a good enough medicine cat to know that the best thing is probably to stop trying to fix it. Onestar is at an age where there is no escaping StarClan’s welcoming arms, whether it’s by sickness or not. No cat can live forever.”
    For some reason Cherryfern doubted if Brakenfur would agree with that statement.
    “Besides,” continued Jayfeather, “Ashfoot’s been waiting for a long time for her role as leader.”
    The camp was silent when they entered, and a wave of calmness fell over Cherryfern. Ivypool greeted them, leaping down from a spot on top of the fallen log that had been smoothed by popularity during the daytime, the sun hitting it all day long. There was often bickering on which cat got the spot, so Bramblestar made the rule that whichever cat was the oldest was granted the spot until he or Squirrelflight mewed otherwise.
    Around her, Cherryfern could smell the calming scent of herbs, milk, and prey that reminded her of the home she was grateful for, and she felt no reluctance at all as she climbed into her nest that was still in the apprentices’ den, due to shortage of room in the warriors’.
    Lilypaw and Seedpaw’s sides rose and fell slowly, neither of them stirring. They were both so small, Cherryfern remarked, even for their age. Perhaps it was for the best that Seedpaw had started her training as a medicine cat, for Cherryfern couldn’t possibly imagine her light frame doing well in battle or hard hunting work. Lilypaw had a little more sleek and slender in her work which made her a fine hunter, and in the short time Cherryfern and Lilypaw had both been apprentices, Cherryfern had been jealous of Lilypaw’s natural ability when it came to hunting.
    With a final lick of her pelt, Cherryfern rested her chin on her paws and fell asleep to the sound of Molestep fidgeting in his nest beside her.

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    A sparrow hopped outside the den, pecking at debris on the flat ground, undaunted by the cats who purred in their sleep. Seedpaw watched with a calm purr, her heart full of warmth for the young bird. Jayfeather had taught her about signs and omens, and she felt with a wisdom that this was a subtle one: this leaf-bare was going to be kind to the clans. No strife was heading their way.
    She waited for the sparrow to leave with its findings before standing up and shaking her pelt, her pale fur fluffing up.
    Maybe this is StarClan’s way of rewarding us, she thought, because finally there is peace.
    Her pawsteps quiet and quick, Seedpaw made her way out of her den and into Jayfeather’s, where he slept with his silver belly facing upwards. The way his fur was matted showed her that he had plentiful dreams last night.
    On the other side of the den, Brightheart and Whitewing, mother and daughter, slept curled up together, their kits jumbled up like little hairballs on their sides.
    They all slept, as it was so early not even the dawn patrol had left, and without disturbing them, she padded into the herb storage to check the stock.
    Plenty of poppy seeds, probably too much marigold... juniper, comfrey, burdock... oh, the ash shoots are getting a bit off- Seedpaw stopped her counting when she realised she had accidentally knocked over a neat pile with her tail. It was the tansy leaves and flower. “Leaves help relieve joint aches, while flowers are consumed to ease a mild cough. Leaves, flowers and stems are to be eaten together in a pulp to relieve stomach worms.” She recited quietly.
    As she began to pile them back up, a cold and hard breeze drifted through the den entrance, making her shiver.
    She sat proud, remarking at her wonderful pile that had ended up neater than the original. It’s a shame that Jayfeather can’t see it, she thought quietly to herself.
    A rasp coughing came from the entrance to the den, and Seedpaw smelt Dovewing’s scent wafting through.
    Jayfeather was on his feet examining Dovewing before Seedpaw could get there quick enough.
    “I’ve been coughing all moon Jayfeather,” Seedpaw caught Dovewing saying quietly, “And as it’s been getting worse, so has my hearing.”
    Her extraordinary hearing? She didn’t think that a simple cough could affect such a gift. Seedpaw felt worried for Dovewing.
    “Shall I get her some Tansy?” “No!” Jayfeather snapped.
    Seedpaw flinched. “I was just trying to...” how dare he! It was her right as medicine cat apprentice to be able to help! “Never mind.”
    The pale ginger she-cat left the den, her tail rigid and flicking with annoyance.
    I’ll let my temper set before going back in. Not take it out on other cats.
    She sat to the side of the den, clawing at a patch of weeds.
    “That was a bit harsh on Seedpaw, Jayfeather.” Seedpaw could not help but turn her attention toward the two cats’ quiet conversation.
    “It was about keeping you safe.” “She didn’t know!”
    Know what? Seedpaw thought, leaning a little closer.
    “Well that was your decision, not mine.”
    Dovewing sighed in annoyance. “What, to keep it a secret? Look, I don’t want Bumblestripe fussing over me. He’ll make me come here earlier. I’m a warrior, not a Queen!”
    Jayfeather didn’t say anything for quite some time, and Seedpaw could visualize him scoping the area with his acute senses to make sure no one was listening.
    But after spending two moons in the same den with him during the day, him always knowing her feelings and seeing her thoughts, she had learnt a few tricks of her own.
    She turned to the weed patch and focused only on that, and how the beads of dew, cold in between her claws, shimmered in the lights and splattered as she fumbled with the soft, young leaves. This way, all Jayfeather would get was her thoughts on a plant. This technique had been working for a long while.
    Jayfeather continued, unaware of Seedpaw’s eavesdropping. “Well, you’ll be one soon. Whether you like it or not.”
    Seedpaw gasped. Dovewing was pregnant!
    Bramblestar was emerging from his den on the highrock. “Good morning, Seedpaw. Are you alright?”
    She shuffled awkwardly. “I’m fine, Bramblestar. A bit surprised though.”
    Bramblestar started grooming his dark tabby pelt. “And why would this be?”
    “Well, usually the dawn patrol is out by now?”
    Bramblestar turned to the rising sun, his face turning a reddish gold in the light. “I told Squirrelflight last night that she and her warriors could rest in today. All of the clans are at peace, and I know that this is no excuse, but... I just think we need a morning to acknowledge this. I feel the peace in the air... in the breeze that stirs my fur.” His amber gaze fell on her. “Do you feel the same, Seedpaw?”
    Seedpaw purred with honesty. “I do.” I also feel a bit of excitement, too! She thought with a prickling of her fur.
    As she moved back into the den, Brightheart, Whitewing and all six kits had awoken.
    “SunClan, attack!” Sunkit and her two warriors Amberkit and Frostkit pounced- or fell, rather- from Brightheart’s flank and on top of the other three kits who fought back like the little warriors they were.
    “Dewthunder! We need extra forces! Go back to camp and gather them! WolfClan depends on you!” Wolfkit told his deputy.
    “Yes, leader!” Dewkit bounced over to Dovewing, and he looked up at his kin. “Dovewing, we need your help! WolfClan is losing to SunClan!”
    A purr rose in Dovewing’s chest and her eyes filled with amusement. “Oh no! We better hurry! Let’s go, deputy Dewthunder!”
    Dovewing tiptoed over to the mass of kits. Snowkit poked his head out. “Hey, I thought I was deputy!”
    “No, you’re the... deputy’s deputy. Third in command! Fair enough?” Dovewing negotiated. Happy, Snowkit turned to an attacking enemy.
    Dovewing rolled onto her belly and gently swept up kits one by one and pretended to eat them. “Roar! It’s a big bear, coming to eat both of the clans!” She mewed. “They must unite to save each other!”
    The kits looked at each other. “She’s right! SunWolfClan, attack!”
    Seedpaw purred. Dovewing was encouraging a good virtue here. She would make such a good mother!
    “You heard, didn’t you?” Seedpaw froze in shock. How did Jayfeather get so close!? She looked at him with smiling eyes. “Maybe... but I promise I won’t tell! The secret is safe with me!”
    A bout of coughing came from the battlegrounds and Wolfkit raised his forepaws in triumph. “We have defeated the great bear!”
    Dovewing rolled up to her feet, being careful not to crush any kits. Her coughing continued, her throat straining in effort.
    Whitewing rushed up to her daughter, her hackles raised in worry. “Dovewing..?”
    Her whole body convulsed in preparation for one last huge cough. To Seedpaw’s disgrace, a lot of bile came out with it. She really needs some tansy, she thought to herself. She went to get some, but Jayfeather stopped her. “Don’t!” “Why ever not?” She snapped back. Jayfeather rolled his blind eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but sensing Whitewing’s attention toward the conversation, he hesitated. “Let me handle this.” Jayfeather left and then returned with a poppy flower head in his mouth.
    “Eat the whole thing,” he told Dovewing. “I’ve extracted most of the seeds, so it won’t make you too sleepy. But I want you to take it easy from now on. An excessive use of muscles is usually the main causes of these kinds of bouts.”
    Although Dovewing had calmed down and now begun to eat the flower, Whitewing looked no less concerned. “Muscles?” “As in, she can’t move too much, or do so much excessive that she becomes out of breath. Her throat is clogged with bile and when you are out of breath, your body needs more air, but it can’t get any more because there is so much bile. That is what causes the coughing.”
    “So does she have whitecough? Or... greencough?” Brightheart questioned.
    Jayfeather shook his head. “Neither. Just a lot of bile. I don’t know the cause of it at the moment, so all I can do is find a cure. It happens a lot with elders, and I just assumed it was to do with age.” Seedpaw took in every word, reciting what he was saying in her head. She was determined to learn everything there was to learn.
    “Great,” muttered Dovewing through a mouthful of poppy, “I’m an elder already.” Seedpaw knew there was more meaning to Dovewing’s words than what was actually mentioned.
    “So, no hunting patrols, but I suppose border patrols are okay until the tension between the clans picks up again.”
    Brightheart flicked her tail. “What makes you say the tension will pick up again?”
    Jayfeather turned his sightless gaze toward her. “Because it always does, eventually. It’s a constant flow. No one state of being can last for too long. Change always comes, whether it’s sooner or later.”
    Seedpaw wondered whether Jayfeather was referencing toward an omen he had seen or a dream he had shared with StarClan. Or maybe he was just being his insightful self as per usual.
    “I’m bored!” Moaned Snowkit.
    “Well my dear, maybe we could all go for a little walk?” Brightheart suggested. Whitewing nodded. “Yes. Shall we see if Cloudtail and Birchfall are on the dawn patrol?”
    Seedpaw followed the two queens out of the den. The camp was awakening. Dustpelt and Brakenfur were sitting with Purdy listening to each other’s stories. “I heard they were considering moving to the elder’s den.” Whitewing whispered.
    Cinderheart and Lionblaze were sharing tongues, purring so loudly that Seedpaw could clearly hear them from the other side of the camp.
    “Lionblaze, we’re leaving! The birds aren’t exactly going to just wait for us, are they?” Mousewhisker mewed in annoyance, Sorreltail and Millie waiting at his side. “On my way,” Lionblaze replied, locking his eyes on Cinderheart for a last heartbeat before turning to his duties.
    A foxlength away from where the two sat, Hazeltail and her first apprentice (Seedpaw’s larger sister) discussed what Lilypaw had learnt about the behaviour of the other clans from last night’s gathering.
    Not only larger, but prettier. Seedpaw thought with a pang in her chest as she looked at her lustrous sister. Lilypaw’s rich brown tabby and white fur had a constant shine and sleekness to it, but what really stood out about Lilypaw was her stunning green eyes- how they pierced any others’ with such a depth and brightness that Seedpaw always found herself looking away in jealousy. Was it only Seedpaw who saw this beauty that she herself did not behold?
    I suppose being a medicine cat saves me the pain of the day I start watching all the toms go for her rather than small, skinny, reclusive me.
    “You are who you are, Seedpaw.”
    Seedpaw was not taken aback that Jayfeather had made his way beside her without her even sensing him.
    “And she is who she is.” He finished with a sigh.
    Seedpaw’s gaze drifted towards Molestep. He sat beside his sister who groomed her ginger tabby pelt. He was staring with moon eyes at Lilypaw at a careful distance. Seedpaw burned inside.
    “She’s lucky.” She growled.
    “Molestep only has a crush on her. It’s a common thing at his age for toms to be a little frisky. I cannot see them ever having kits.” Jayfeather announced.
    Seedpaw nudged Jayfeather. “Keep me updated on this, thanks. It’s great being able to have a constant feed of how other cats are feeling whether they like me knowing or not.”
    Jayfeather gave a deep growl. “At least you can choose what you hear. Sometimes it’s a burden, not a gift.” And with that he left back to his den, where Dovewing had begun coughing again.
    “Bramblestar!” The yowl was so sudden that Seedpaw had to stop herself from hissing in fright. At the camp entrance, Birchfall stood, hackles raised, eyes filled with fear.
    “There’s a fire!” He continued, “And my kit, my kit is missing!”

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    Dovewing's hackles raised. "A fire?"
    "Squirrelflight, Molestep, Thornclaw, Sandstorm, Hazeltail and Lilypaw. Investigate the fire. Where is it, Birchfall?" Bramblestar mewed swiftly.
    "Near the WindClan border."
    Bramblestar nodded and continued, the six cats leaping for the chance to serve the clan. "Lilypaw, stay by my side and don't try anything heroic!" Urged Hazeltail as they left the camp entrance.
    "Graystripe, Cloudtail and Dovewing, go with Birchfall to search for the kit. Who is it Birchfall?"
    Birchfall shuddered. "It's Snowpaw. Come on we have to be quick!"

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