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    Medicine Cat Herbs List


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    Medicine Cat Herbs List Empty Medicine Cat Herbs List

    Post  Coppersong on Tue May 10, 2011 10:56 am

    Herb List

    Alder Bark

    Best used for toothaches, it is only mentioned once in Forest of Secrets. As far as I know, anyways. (pg 84, Forest of Secrets)

    Borage Leaves

    Best used to treat fevers, borage leaves also help a queen to produce milk. Leafpool uses them on Sorreltail to help the queen feed four hungry kits in Sunset. (pg 26, Sunset)

    Burdock Root

    Burdock root is good for cuts and scrapes, especially rat bites. It was first used in Midnight by Squirrelpaw to help heal Tawnypelt’s infected rat bite. (pg 277, Midnight)


    Used to treat blackcough, greencough and whitecough, catmint can also help to relax a cat. When Bluestar was sick with greencough in Fire and Ice, Yellowfang sent Fireheart to fetch some catmint to help cool their leader’s fever. (pg ??, Fire and Ice)


    Celandine is best used to treat ailments of the eyes. Leafpaw mentions how useful this bright yellow plant is to Hawkfrost when she gives him a bundle to take to Mothwing in Midnight. (pg 217, Midnight)


    Used to calm cats and to give them physical strength, Yellowfang and Cinderpelt mixed some into her traveling herbs for and agitated Bluestar in Rising Storm. (pg 52, Rising Storm)


    This white-flowered plant has several different propertices. The plant itself can be used to treat infected wounds while the root is best for bellyache. Cinderpelt quizzes Leafpaw on her knowledge of this plant in Midnight. (pg 109, Midnight)


    If there is no catmint available, chickweed is a good substitute for countering greencough. I have yet to find an example in the books; please let me know if you find anything.


    It’s common knowledge that cobwebs are used to stop bleeding, but there’s a quote anyway in The Darkest Hour when Runningnose uses cobwebs to heal Blackfoot’s injuries. (pg 298, The Darkest Hour)


    This bright yellow herb is quite effective against kitcough. I don’t have an example yet for this one either; keep your eyes open for one!


    Best for healing broken bones, comfrey doesn’t have an example yet either.

    Daisy Leaves

    The leaves of this white and yellow plat work wonders on aching joints. I don’t have an example for this plant either; please tell me if you find one!


    Deathberries are poisonous that a single berry can kill a cat. Extremely deadly, the first time it is mentioned is when Cloudkit nearly eats them and is saved by Cinderpaw in Forest of Secrets. (pg 85, Forest of Secrets)

    Dock Leaves

    Best for making a cat’s coat as slippery as a fish, also used for healing scratches. Feathertail and Tawnypelt used it to save Squirrelpaw from a clinging fence in Midnight. (pg 205, Midnight)


    Used to cool feverish cats and to treat head pain


    Used in a poultice to treat aching joints and stiffness


    This sticky liquid was used in Rising Storm when the RiverClan medicine cat, Mudfur, used honey to soothe the throats of several ThunderClan kits who had breathed in too much smoke from the fire. (pg 267, Rising Storm)


    The sap of horsetail can be used in combination with cobwebs to stop bleeding, like when Cinderpelt used it on Thornpaw in Rising Storm. (pg 194, Rising Storm)

    Juniper Berries

    Good for calming a cat, Cinderpelt used them on Bluestar when she was ill after the fire in A Dangerous Path. (pg 20, A Dangerous Path)


    Good for dressing wounds and healing infections, it is mentioned in Forest of Secrets when Yellowfang quizzes Cinderpaw on the best herbs for cracked paw pads. (pg 45, Forest of Secrets)

    Mouse Bile

    If I put a picture of mouse bile here, we’d all probably die from repulsion. When Squirrelpaw disobeyed her mentor Dustpelt’s orders in Midnight, he sent her to care for the elders, which included using mouse bile to rid their pelts of ticks.

    Nettle Leaves

    Used to treat swelling


    As poisonous as deathberries, nightshade is mentioned only once by Cinderpaw in Forest of Secrets shortly after Cloudkit’s encounter with deathberries. (pg 87, Forest of Secrets)


    A herb used for stopping a mother's milk, for example if her kits die or she still has milk but as no need for it. Leafpool used it to stop her milk from coming. (pg ?, sunrise)

    Poppy Seeds

    The best herb there is to numb pain and ensure a good night’s sleep, Cinderpelt gave some to Speckletail to help the old queen cope with the loss of her final kit, Snowkit. (pg 101, A Dangerous Path)

    Ragwort and Lamb's Ears

    Two different mountain herbs, ragwort is shown on the left while lamb’s ears are pictured on the right. Stoneteller gave some to Tallstar to give the elderly WindClan leader strength while the Clans were traveling through the mountains. (pg ??, Dawn)


    Used to counter poison


    Used to treat coughs


    Thyme has a sharp scent that soothes even the most agitated cat. Mothwing brought some for Leafpaw and Sorreltail after they had a bad scare when WindClan attacked them in Moonrise. (pg 55, Moonrise)


    A good treatment for bellyache, Cinderpelt and Leafpaw used it to heal some elders who had drunk tainted water in Starlight. (pg 42, Starlight)

    Wild Garlic

    If you’ve got a lot of cuts and scrapes, make sure you roll in some wild garlic to keep out infection. Firepaw was going to use some in Into the Wild, but a conversation between Tigerclaw, Darkstripe, and Longtail distracted him before the young hero could find any.


    This herb can be used as an ointment, used to soften paw pads (see Marigold) or to make a cat sick so they can expel poison, the most famous case being Sorrelkit’s in The Darkest Hour. (pg 45, The Darkest Hour)

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 13, 2011 11:36 am

    Comfrey can also be used to stop a nursing mother's milk, used by Leafpool as stated in Sunrise.

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    Post  Coppersong on Fri May 13, 2011 12:05 pm

    Are you sure that the herb she used wasn't parsley? I should add that, thanks.

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    Post  Guest on Fri May 13, 2011 12:22 pm

    Hmmm, I shall have to check.

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    Post  Icestar on Fri May 13, 2011 12:26 pm

    It's parsley, just checked.

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